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Fascism at the "Fed" - Unscrubbed!

In these ovenrnight classic videos, reporters on public property are harassed by "Federal Reserve" pseudo-police. Their "crime"? They took video of the "Federal Reserve" building from a public street.
Note that the "federal Reserve" is neither Federal, nor is it a reserve. Rather, it is a private banking cartel that masquerades as a Federal institution. This banking cartel openly seeks to manipulate the entire U.S. economy, and keeps its inner machinations secret. This cartel also orders the printing of money from nothing, lends the money to the U.S. government at interest, and then collects the profits paid for with your tax dollars.
The FR Banking Cartel recently demanded the above video to be "scrubbed" from YouTube. Of course they have no right to do so - it merely demonstrates the FR Cartel's arrogance and thuggery.

Also of interest, especially with respect to "Occupy Wall Street";

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